About Us

Image Credit: Winter Lookbook Via Emily Mason CC
For those of you who haven’t heard of Bello Couture Boutique, or our sister location Corpo Bello, then you probably aren’t from Central Illinois.
Our owners, Jenny and Tyler McCoy are some of the most incredible and giving people. It was Jenny’s dream to start a hair salon, day spa, and boutique all operating under one roof. Her thought was that if guests were coming to get their hair done, then they could get a facial and do a little shopping, all on the same credit card transaction. This way their husbands would never know!
The McCoy’s opened Corpo Bello Salon, Day Spa, and Boutique in 2011. The business was booming until they had a fire one Saturday evening. Thankful for their local community, they were able to resume providing services to their guests on Monday morning at various locations.
Just a few months later, Corpo Bello settled into their new Peoria location. This is now their most popular location servicing over 500 guests per week. With the success of the Peoria location, came Bello Couture Boutique in 2019. This was a free-standing women’s fashion and accessories boutique in Peoria Heights.
Image Credit: Black Friday Shoot Via Emily Mason CC
This location flourished as its own business, with minimal dependency on Corpo Bello. Jenny entrusted management duties to Emily, depending on her to lead the six other employees and the company to greatness.
Bello Couture Boutique carries many fashion brands including La Miel, POL, KanCan, and CELLO. The boutique houses size XS-3XL to ensure everybody feels fabulous regardless of size. It features rotating collections based on season with staple basics carried all year long.
However, one thing Bello Couture was lacking was a digital platform to communicate with their shoppers. After speaking with Jenny, she said “It is freezing and snowy for 5 months out of the year. People don’t want to come shopping. We needed a way to give people the opportunity to continue to shop with us at their convenience during those winter months.”
Average Snowfall in Peoria, IL by Weather Atlas
With the uncertainty of snowfall and COVID-19 numbers rising in early 2020, Bello Couture Boutique took to Instagram to find out if people would continue to shop the boutique online. An overwhelming response favored yes, so on Monday morning, Emily and the McCoys did some research and had their Shopify domain up and running in one week.