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Ladies, it’s time to give up the suitcases and focus on simple travel. Emily Wilson, an expert traveller, offers advice on packing light. 

“When you’re standing in front of the Colosseum, you won’t be thinking about the shirt you’re wearing,” says Wilson. 

Wilson’s main advice for travellers looking to pack light is to leave the suitcase at home and instead opt for a travel backpack. 

“Knowing you have to carry the weight of your packing obsession around for the length of your trip is a great way to encourage light packing,” adds Wilson. 

Wilson also recommends keeping packing modest. Holidays should focus on experiences rather than appearances. 

“Ask yourself if you really need to bring a hair straightener to Bali.” 

Wilson recommends bringing only a few articles of clothing and washing items along the way.

Although most accommodations offer laundry services, it’s just as easy to pack a small amount of laundry soap and wash clothes in the sink. 

Here’s a list of Wilson’s top six packing tips!

Bring a dress that can be worn during the day and also works as a classy evening look. 
For drafty planes or cool nights, it’s always a good idea to pack a light jacket. 

Bring three or four shirts for a week of travel. Opt for quick-dry fabrics when possible. 
Don’t bring Costco-sized toiletries, but don’t opt for travel-sized items like sunscreen and toothpaste either if you’ll be gone for more than a week.
A sturdy pair of walking shoes is a must, but don’t wait to break them in until the night before a trip. 
Pack two or three comfortable and versitile bottoms that are easy to match to tops.

Story by Emily Meyer

Feature image: An example of a travel backpack great for easy packing. (Photo by Emily Meyer)

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