DIY Wall Art for Dummies

DIY Wall Art for Dummies

When It comes to decorating blank walls in your home you want to make sure every piece is personal, but how do you accomplish this when you don’t want to put personal photos up? I have listed my top 5 favorite wall art options below!

Framed Fabric

DIY Wall Art

I like framed fabric because it is personal enough to let those visiting know a little bit about you, but not too personal. It makes a space feel warm and inviting and can be used as the perfect filler piece so your wall doesn’t look too busy.

Abstract Art

Abstract art can be pricey if you’re buying it from an artist due to current high demand, but some abstract art is fun and relatively easy to make! Besides being budget friendly, DIY art can also include your own color scheme or patterns you would like to include in your home.

Painters Tape on Canvas

DIY Wall Art

If you are like me and stuggle with creativity but love structure and sharp lines, Tape art is for you! I learned this little trick over the summer and it has helped me enjoy painting without fear of going outside the lines or not creating something visually intriguing enough. As with abstract art, you can incorporate your own color palette and style.

Framed Puzzle

Framed puzzles fall under a similar category in my mind as framed fabric because they can represent a memory or possibly a dream for the owner. It can also become a fun talking point for you and your guests.

Cork Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

Cork screw wall art can almost never be duplicate due to the rationalization of each builder. It can add depth and color as well as irregular shape to your wall decor. Square and round objects can be boring, why not create your own shape? fill in areas as time goes by? The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of my personal favorites when it comes to filling an empty wall. I would also recommend checking out my recent posts on How to Find a Point of Inspiration and Popular Color Palettes of 2019 to help you get started!

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