How to Find a Point of Inspiration

How to Find a Point of Inspiration

Finding Unique places to Find Inspiration

Having a point of inspiration is a crucial first step when planning a wedding, party, or when you’re decorating a personal space. Your point of inspiration should be the piece of the puzzle that makes everything make sense. It is what makes your event or space unique and personal. Below I have listed a few simple steps that help me find a point of inspiration for my projects.

Take a Walk

I have found that going for a walk in a place that excites, relaxes, or engages me allows me to fall in love with details around me. The place where I find the most inspiration during my walks is on a trail or in the historic district of a city. For you, it might be an amusement park or the mall. Find what you love and experience it!

Photograph it

How to find a point of inspiration

Whether it is a leaf in the water or some guy’s shoes in the line next to you at the store, capture it! You may look back at the picture later and hate it, but something about that image caught your attention and can lead to finding your perfect point of inspiration. Maybe it’s the way the light reflects off the material of his shoes? or maybe it is the veins of the leaf? there is a world of possibilities!

Create a collage

Once you come back from your adventure, I recommend deleting what you hate and put what you love in a photo collage. This usually helps me find a common thread among the images I like. Once you can identify a theme, name it. If you have a single image that encompasses your theme, congratulations! you have just found your point of inspiration! If not, you can narrow your photos down to a few or go back out with your theme in mind and snap a few more photos. Before you know it, you’ll have your very own unique point of inspiration!

The next step that I would suggest is to pick your color palette. This will include colors from your point of inspiration as well as colors that are trending now. If you’d like to continue to find a unique style for your upcoming event or project, take a look at my recent post on Popular Color Palettes of 2019!

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