How to Personalize Flower Bouquets

How to Personalize Flower Bouquets

Incorporating Your Unique Style

Every bride wants to captivate the attention of her wedding guests the moment she walks down the isle. The dress, hair, make up, and shoes all have to be perfect in order for her to feel as though she has accomplished this goal. Her flowers are the finishing touch to her perfect look and typically require a bit of personalization in order to get that jaw-dropping reaction.

Personalized Wedding Bouquet

Lace and Ribbon

The wrap that holds your bouquet together is functional, but it can also be elegant, creative, stunning, and unexpected. The most common types of wraps are ribbon and lace, but more brides who have rustic themes are beginning to use burlap. One way you can add a sentimental touch is by using lace from your mother’s/grandmother’s wedding dress or ribbon/material from that you may have a significant attachment to. Just note that the fabric may be stained or get wet because of the flowers.

Poems and Love Letters

Another way you can add sentiment is by using a smooth ribbon and you or your groom-to-be writing a love poem or quote on the ribbon before or after it is wrapped. If you don’t mind not being able to read the message until after the wedding festivities, you can even have the groom-to-be write a love letter on the ribbon or a copy of his vows he will be pledging to you.

Personalized Wedding Bouquets

Brooches and Buttons

Brooches and buttons always seem to tie all the intricate pieces of a bouquet together. They come in many shapes and sizes and most brides have a story to tell about the original owner of the brooch or button and a special reason why they chose that specific one. It can help you keep loved ones who may not be there with you close.

Personalized Wedding Bouquets

Unexpected Elements

If you would like to go for a dramatic look that will keep your guests in awe, unexpected elements in your bouquet are a must! These brooch bouquets scream elegance and draw your eye to the one carrying them. There are many other ways you can add depth and feel to your bouquet by adding different types of branching, colors, flowers, and include ribbon/bows within the floral arrangement.

No matter how you decide to personalize your bouquet, be sure it is adding things that you love and believe will help complete the overall look.

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