Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

How to Hide Clutter in Plain Site

As a college student and now young person entering the professional workforce, organization has been key to my success. It can be challenging, however, when trying to stay organized during the week, each semester, and on a daily basis. Below are a few organization strategies/tips that I have found useful over the years and I hope you find some of them helpful as well!

Under Bed Storage

Storage for small spaces

We always used under bed storage at home when I was a kid as a place to store things we were not planning on getting out within the next 6 months or year because it was in unattractive clear tubs that slid as far under the bed as possible to keep guests from being able to spot it. Under bed storage has come a long way since those days. There are many styles and sizes to fit your specific needs like these topless wheeled drawers by Grillo Designs!

Floating Shelves

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

I have always been a big fan of floating shelves. They create interest on otherwise sparse wall space and create storage in a way that you can display your spices, cute desk supplies, or any other cute trinkets you would like to display. They are very versatile and, in my opinion, timeless.

Functional Coat Stand

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Never underestimate the importance of a drop-off zone by your front door, no matter the size. It will save you from bags and coats being left on the floor and guests awkwardly not knowing where to leave their belongings. Drop-off zones can come in many shapes and fashions, but a personal favorite of mine is a simple, yet functional, coat stand with shelving.

Framed Jewelry Organizer

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Many people find it hard to store their everyday jewelry because it traditionally takes up a lot of counter space. Hanging your jewelry may sound like a cluttered way to deal with your overabundance of accessories but, if done right, it can become a beautiful way to display your unique style and save some space.

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