The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Average prices for some of the most popular types of flowers used in weddings

Wedding bouquets and centerpieces are, in my opinion, the final piece of the puzzle. They make everything make sense. Very often, flowers can be the point of inspiration that brides use to begin piecing together their perfect day. Flowers can incorporate your color scheme and even set a theme for your wedding if they are exotic and unusual enough. Below I have listed several of the most popular flower bouquet options and their average price.

Cost of Roses for Wedding


Though all flower costs will fluctuate based on color, season, and location (how far the flowers will have to travel), The average price for 1 dozen roses is around $25. This may not seem too expensive, but most average sized bouquets have roughly 3 dozen flowers and several bundles of greenery. This can cause the price 1 bouquet to rise above $100.


Carnations are a budget-conscious bride’s best friend! They average about $20 for 3 dozen flowers and come in a large variety of colors. With many other flowers you can run the risk of getting married while they are out of season (which ups they price substantially), but with carnations, this is not a problem. Carnations come in many different types and there is a carnation for every season.

cost of lillies for wedding


The average cost for lilies range from $2:00-$3:00 per stem depending on how many you purchase and what color they are. They have such large, eye-catching that they make themselves a very attractive floral option for brides. With lilies, most florists believe less is more. If there are only a few lilies spread out across a bouquet it allows each element of your bouquet to gain attention. If, however, you choose to only carry lilies, there are not as many needed due to the size and number of blooms per stem.

cost of peonies for wedding


Peonies are beautiful and full blooms and similar to carnations, but their costs are drastically different. When peonies are in season (April-June), they cost roughly $7 per stem and when they are out of season cost their cost jumps up to roughly $10 per stem. If you do not mind paying the same price you would for a rose to have a fuller blossom, peonies are a great option.

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